Robert Helms on Belize Real Estate Opportunities

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This is a short excerpt from an interview conducted by The Success Council with Robert Helms exclusively for its members.

Recently I had a chance to catch up with a really interesting guy. Robert Helms host of the Real Estate guys Radio show and Podcast.

I have been hearing a lot about preppers identifying Belize as a great plan B location to go to if the going ever gets tough in their home country.

Macarena Rose who we have met in previous sections for example has chosen Belize to live for the last 8 years.

I wanted to learn more about Belize both from a lifestyle point of view but also as a place to hold some real estate as an investment. Its always great when your preparation plans neatly intersect with your wealth creation strategies as well.

I knew Robert had been active in the Belize market and this was the perfect opportunity to pick his brain.

He is an absolute wealth of information. 


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