Real Estate Investing in Chile with Darren Kaiser

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In this interview Chilean real estate investor and broker Darren Kaiser shares his thoughts on why Chilean real estate is such an attractive option to invest some of your wealth.

Mr. Kaiser has been working in the Chilean property market for 10 years, and has appeared in publications including: Soveriegn Man, Casey Research and International Man.

Many believe that Chile is the land of investment opportunity for 2014 and beyond.  So we sat down with Darren to discuss Chile's: 
  • Aggressive Immigration policy
  • Business friendly environment
  • Low tax and pro market climate
  • Cost of living
  • Climate
  • Corruption
  • Legal issues
  • Banking
  • Farmland vs Residential options
  • Darren's top picks to look out for in 2014
Darren isn't alone in his optimism about Chilean real estate.  Watch the video to find out why.  
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