Lending and Borrowing Against Gold

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Kevin C. Drost, Partner at Owings Metals recently sat down with Success Council to discuss a problem many of us have: How To Cash Flow From Our Precious Metals.

While precious metals investing is a cornerstone of many Members' investment strategy, the problem remains that until it is time to cash out of precious metals, they just sit there.  Mr. Drost offers a unique solution, that we have not found elsewhere.

He lends cash against precious metals. 

This is huge!  

1) From the borrower's perspective - you can now cash flow from metals by using your metals to secure a loan and buy a cash flow property; and 

2) From the lender's perspective (if you were interested in lending money) you can take the bank's offer of .05% interest, and throw it where it belongs… in the trash!  Because now you have the opportunity to make a much higher return on your hard-earned cash. 

This video is guaranteed to get your wheels turning about how you can make money on cash that is otherwise sitting in the bank.  At risk.  With no reward.

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