Government vs. Bitcoin: Impacts For Price and Business

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One of the biggest threats facing Bitcoin's adoption is world governments.  

That is why we released this 2014 Bitcoin Legislation Update for Members Only.  Above is a short clip taken from the one hour presentation.

Why does this matter?  

When China announced that Btc could not be traded by financial institutions, the Btc price had a flash crash down from $1,200USD to $550USD.  

That is why it is important to know what is coming from governments around the world… Especially the US government.  

Also, as different countries take different stances for or against adoption of crypto-currencies, we will see a migration of businesses from one jurisdiction to the next, a kind of "regulatory arbitrage."  

If you are interested in investing in, or starting a Bitcoin business, this information is crucial for you.   If you have Bitcoin, have sold, or are planning to buy more, you need to know whats going on.  

And its looking like New York may be open to Bitcoin Business... unless the Regulators side with NY law enforcement.  

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