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You may have already heard, but last week, Cyprus bank accounts came under direct attack by the leaders of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Central Bank (ECB).  Money of private Cypriot citizens will be stolen to pay the debts of banksters who made bad investment decisions.  

Cypriot banks are in the same trouble as the rest of the world's banks:  they made bad loans which are now upside down.  But instead of giving Cypriot banks the same free hand-outs as US, Spanish, Greek, and Italian banks got….  

The global elite members of the IMF and the ECB tried somthing new.  

They gave Cyprus 2 options:

1) Vote to approve a wealth tax on all bank accounts; or

2) Leave the EU.  

The exact percentage of the "wealth tax" has not yet been settled, and ALL CYPRUS BANKS remain closed for the time being.  

This means, that no one can get their hands on their own hard-earned money.

Just wait for news of a bank run as soon as the banks re-open.  Rumor abound that the tax will be between 10-40% depending on the amount of money in your account.  The more you have, of course, the higher the tax.

As an interesting twist on this set of events, Russian money accounts for approximately 25% of all the money in the banking system of Cyprus.  And Russian President Vladamir Putin came out against the tax calling it, "unfair, unprofessional, and dangerous."   

Russian companies and individuals have approximately $31 Billion of deposits in Cyprus, according to Moody's.

That being the case, some Russian banks and investors have offered to cover the losses in exchange for Cypriot offshore gas rights.   So far, Cyprus has rejected Russian assistance, but who knows what is to come as anyone with a bank account in
Cyprus awaits their own robbery.  

What's far worse is the message that this "wealth tax" sends.  It says loud and clear:  "Your Money Is NOT SAFE in bank accounts!"

But what's also important to note, is just because your government is not levying a "wealth tax" directly against your bank account, they are doing the exact same thing when they turn on the printing presses, and over-print your money into worthlessness.

Cypress is just a flagrant example.  The real criminals are the Central Banks and Federal Reserve who take your money "secretly" through inflation.  You need to protect yourself with real assets before they come after your accounts directly.  
Get on board right now.

Before Its Too Late,
Jarrod Dennis

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