Cody Wilson on Anonymity, Defense Distributed and Dark Wallet

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In this interview Cody Wilson, made famous for his 3D printable gun talks about his libertarian philosophies and how they have shaped his career.

First we discuss his experience with the US Government during his time with Defense Distributed. An organization that released a blueprint file that made it easy for anyone with a 3D printer to create an automatic gun at home in just a few hours.

Second, the significance of Silk Road and Dark Market on those living under tyranny around the world Then we move onto the importance of anonymity in a free society. This belief led Cody to join Dark Wallet. An organization which hopes to make using the bitcoin protocol more anonymous by default than it currently is.

A very thought provoking interview. It will help give you an idea of some of the different factions in the bitcoin eco-system. As you will see some are attracted to the subversive elements.

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