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When president Roosevelt forcibly confiscated gold from all American citizens in 1933 only gold bullion, coins, and certificates were stolen.

Jewelry got a pass.

In todays never ending list of declarations and forms to be filled out when shipping gold offshore, only bullion and coins are declarable.

Jewelry worn is exempted.

I am hypothesizing here, but I think the big bad bankers and their obedient thugs in governments have a little phrase in the back of their minds.  "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Perhaps for this reason, perhaps for other reasons jewelry, is often (but not always) exempted from government theft and capital controls.

This raises an interesting opportunity. By converting your gold bullion to jewelry it may be possible to hang onto your wealth or travel overseas with it on your person when otherwise it may not have.

The challenge usually arises in that jewelers usually make a 100-200% markup on the metal they use to make jewelry pieces. This makes it less attractive.

Well, a full service investment house that has a very similar outlook on the world as Success Council, has made an entry into the jewelry market for just this reason. They have approached the market need for jewelry as an investment and asset protection point of view. With markups of just 40%, it is a big improvement on the average jeweler. I do not recommend turning all of your bullion into jewelry, however for the right person it might be a nice way to carry around a store of wealth around your neck and maybe even beat future capital controls with it. 

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