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Max Wright and Jeffrey Tucker on how a free society will work.


Keynesian v Austrian Economics


Keynesian economics vs. Austrian economics:  Keynesian's "God" is spending, Austrian's "God" is productivity.  Watch to see why. 

Take a political quiz in 3 minutes and compare yourself to Obama Romney and Ron Paul


This is a two part video.

The first video explains the political compass and how it can be used to demostrate that most countries in the first world are living in a 1 party system.

The second video shows you how to take a quiz and compare yourself to Obama, Romney, Ron Paul and many others.

Part 1

Part 2

My Predictions for Ron Paul Supporters at the RNC.


I examine Ghandi's heroic efforts and compare it to that of Ron Paul's

What can Martin Luther King JR. teach the Occupy wall streeters.



If you want to understand the intellectual revolution taking place in America today the Occupy Wall Street movement is a great place to start. The diversity of opinion there is considerable. A lot of people are angry. A lot of people understand that something is very wrong as the wealth gap is widening, but the causes are not known by everyone.

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