Government vs. Bitcoin: Impacts For Price and Business

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One of the biggest threats facing Bitcoin's adoption is world governments.  

That is why we released this 2014 Bitcoin Legislation Update for Members Only.  Above is a short clip taken from the one hour presentation.

Why does this matter?  

When China announced that Btc could not be traded by financial institutions, the Btc price had a flash crash down from $1,200USD to $550USD.  

That is why it is important to know what is coming from governments around the world… Especially the US government.  

Also, as different countries take different stances for or against adoption of crypto-currencies, we will see a migration of businesses from one jurisdiction to the next, a kind of "regulatory arbitrage."  

If you are interested in investing in, or starting a Bitcoin business, this information is crucial for you.   If you have Bitcoin, have sold, or are planning to buy more, you need to know whats going on.  

And its looking like New York may be open to Bitcoin Business... unless the Regulators side with NY law enforcement.  

Real Estate Investing in Chile with Darren Kaiser

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In this interview Chilean real estate investor and broker Darren Kaiser shares his thoughts on why Chilean real estate is such an attractive option to invest some of your wealth.

Mr. Kaiser has been working in the Chilean property market for 10 years, and has appeared in publications including: Soveriegn Man, Casey Research and International Man.

Many believe that Chile is the land of investment opportunity for 2014 and beyond.  So we sat down with Darren to discuss Chile's: 

  • Aggressive Immigration policy
  • Business friendly environment
  • Low tax and pro market climate
  • Cost of living
  • Climate
  • Corruption
  • Legal issues
  • Banking
  • Farmland vs Residential options
  • Darren's top picks to look out for in 2014
Darren isn't alone in his optimism about Chilean real estate.  Watch the video to find out why.  
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Bitcoin money management

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In this members area preview we take a quick look at money managment for those that have enjoyed 10,000% returns on bitcoin so far.

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St Maarten Field Report

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Have you ever dreamed of moving to the Caribbean?  As it turns out, it may be easier than you think to make this dream a reality.  In this clip, taken from Member's Only Content, Megan Duma, a contributing Member of Success Council, explains How To Move To St. Maarten.  St. Maarten is the world's smallest dual island nation, located in the North Eastern Caribbean.  
St. Maarten is inhabited by the French to the north, and the Dutch to the south.  However, in 2010, the "Dutch Side," Sint Maarten declared its independence, and now exists as an independent island nation in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
With its new independence comes new opportunities, especially for Americans, to live and work in paradise.  
In the full interview, Megran covers the pros, cons, immigration, travel, moving, working, and living... She goes into depth to explain exactly how you can live in the islands.  One important tip Megan covers in this interview is the ease and accessibility of Sint Maarten.  I hope you enjoy this clip.  

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Global Gold CEO Claudio Grass talks Gold and Silver

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Long time friend of Success Council, Claudio Grass sits down with us during this interview and catches us up on the state of the precious metals market in Europe.
Claudio is the CEO of one of our recommended precious metals storage house; Based in Switzerland and catering to high net worth individuals, Claudio has an excellent perspective on what is happening in Europe today.

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Robert Helms on Belize Real Estate Opportunities

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This is a short excerpt from an interview conducted by The Success Council with Robert Helms exclusively for its members.

Recently I had a chance to catch up with a really interesting guy. Robert Helms host of the Real Estate guys Radio show and Podcast.

I have been hearing a lot about preppers identifying Belize as a great plan B location to go to if the going ever gets tough in their home country.

Macarena Rose who we have met in previous sections for example has chosen Belize to live for the last 8 years.

I wanted to learn more about Belize both from a lifestyle point of view but also as a place to hold some real estate as an investment. Its always great when your preparation plans neatly intersect with your wealth creation strategies as well.

I knew Robert had been active in the Belize market and this was the perfect opportunity to pick his brain.

He is an absolute wealth of information. 


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Macarena Rose Shares her tips on Expatraition

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Recently, I caught up with Macarena Rose. Macarena is a relocation consultant and certified International Real Estate Specialist.

Here are just a couple of highlights from our interview. As always you can gain full access to the Success Council Members area and enjoy the whole interview along with tons more.

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Carry Your Wealth On You

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When president Roosevelt forcibly confiscated gold from all American citizens in 1933 only gold bullion, coins, and certificates were stolen.

Jewelry got a pass.

In todays never ending list of declarations and forms to be filled out when shipping gold offshore, only bullion and coins are declarable.

Jewelry worn is exempted.

I am hypothesizing here, but I think the big bad bankers and their obedient thugs in governments have a little phrase in the back of their minds.  "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Perhaps for this reason, perhaps for other reasons jewelry, is often (but not always) exempted from government theft and capital controls.

This raises an interesting opportunity. By converting your gold bullion to jewelry it may be possible to hang onto your wealth or travel overseas with it on your person when otherwise it may not have.

The challenge usually arises in that jewelers usually make a 100-200% markup on the metal they use to make jewelry pieces. This makes it less attractive.

Well, a full service investment house that has a very similar outlook on the world as Success Council, has made an entry into the jewelry market for just this reason. They have approached the market need for jewelry as an investment and asset protection point of view. With markups of just 40%, it is a big improvement on the average jeweler. I do not recommend turning all of your bullion into jewelry, however for the right person it might be a nice way to carry around a store of wealth around your neck and maybe even beat future capital controls with it. 

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