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Special Report: P2P Gold and Silver Lending


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I am about to tell you about one of the most exciting innovations in the precious metals world in a long time.

As an owner of precious metals, it has long frustrated me that I am not able to use my metals as collateral to borrow against.  It seems to me to be the best form of security around, and therefore, should get a very low interest rate. Interest rate being inversely proportional to risk.

Well our good friends at Silver Bullion in Singapore have provided an incredibly well put together solution to this very problem.

An introduction and interview with Silver Bullions CEO Gregor Gregerson is available in the storage section, but lets just recap why Silver Bullion (SB) is the gold standard of Storage services in the world.

SB is located in Singapore. I believe hands down the best storage jurisdiction in Asia and possibly the world. Singapore has a strong history of defense of property rights and as a financial Mecca of Asia it would be extremely unwise to mess with their reputation as reliable on that front.

SB is completely disintermediated from the financial regulatory body of Singapore and the worlds banking regulations. They do this by only storing metals for you that belong to you. They will not hold metals on their balance sheet for you. Every parcel is branded with a serial code and fully associated with your identity so it stays on your balance sheet.

All metals at SB are fully insured by some of the best insurance programs around. You may not know this but many vaults claims they are fully insured but there is a big gap in their insurance policy that you can drive a truck through. The term is called “mysterious disappearance.”

If a robber blows a hole in the wall of the vault and steals the gold most insurance companies will cover that.  But if during an audit it is determined that some gold is missing and there is no knowledge of how it went missing, then most insurance policies at most vaults call this “mysterious disappearance” and it is not covered.  At SB it is. If any metal is missing the insurance company is on the hook.

So that is just a quick catch up of why I like SB so much to buy and store my metals.

Now to the exciting bit.

P2P Lending.

Since every parcel in SB is identified with a bar code and held uniquely, it allows for an interesting program.  SB can facilitate a loan from someone wanting to lend cash for a return and someone wanting to borrow cash and use their metal as security.

Here is how it works.

Lets say I have $100,000 worth of precious metals stored at SB. They will allow me to borrow $50,000 if I put up the $100,000 worth of metal as security.

This means that the metal is still exactly where I left it. At SB’s vault in Singapore. The place I trusted to store it in the first place.  I am still the owner of the metal and am fully exposed to the price of physical bullion. There is a lien against my metal for $50,000 in the name of the lender.

Under normal circumstances, I simply make an interest payment each month to my borrower to keep my account in order and at the end of the term – 6, 12 or 24 months depending on the agreement – I pay back the principle and the lien is removed.

Now lets look at all the not so normal circumstances.

1. Margin Call 

This occurs when the value of the metal is falling and approaches the value of the lien. So in the above example when the loan is made there is $100,000 security underwriting the $50,000 loan. That is 200% security.

After the loan is made if the value of the metal falls to $62,500 (125%) of the loan amount then the borrower will receive a letter. The letter will state that if  the value of the metal falls to $55,000 in value or 110% of the loan amount then my metal will be liquidated and the loan fully repaid on my behalf. Any remaining funds will be returned to me.

2. Failure to pay interest payments. 

In order to make the cash flow reliable for the lender SB maintains a reserve fund to pay the interest payments on behalf on the borrower should they miss a payment. This cost and penalties are passed onto the borrower who must remedy the shortfall or the metals will be liquidated.

Is it possible for the lender to lose money?

The answer is yes albeit unlikely in my opinion. All investments carry risk and in fact all non-investments carry risk as well. Non-invested money can be stolen from under your mattress or inflated away by governments. Having said that, I believe the following potential risks are about as low as anything else I  can imagine. 

Here are the potential losses I see, but you should not consider this an exhaustive list. Rather these are just the potentials that I can see and there may indeed be more. Please do your own research.

1. Freefalling metal prices. In order to lose money the value of the metal would have to drop more than 10% in value in a time when SB could not sell the metals. It would also have to happen at a time when the value of the metals you have a lien against is worth only 110% (or near there) of value of the loan.

For example if you made a loan today and the value of metal dropped by 30% in seconds then you still would not lose any money because of the high reserve ratio. 

2. Theft. Of course you should never say never, but the metals are insured from theft including mysterious disappearance, so if the metals are stolen and the insurance company is insolvent or fails to pay for some reason then losses could be sustained.

3. If SB goes insolvent then liquidators should fulfill all contracts as promised. Remember that the metals are on your balance sheet and not SB’s. However during a liquidation event the services provided by SB may be interrupted and their margin call procedures may be interrupted increasing the likely hood of free falling metal prices causing losses.

Like I said.  Do your own research but in my opinion the risk profile is very low.

So now you know the ins and outs of the product, how has the program been working so far?

At the time of writing this report the pilot program has been in operation for 2 months. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have successfully borrowed in the program. The interest rates for all loans to my knowledge have been between 4-6% p.a. In my opinion for such a low risk profile I think that is an outstanding return and especially when compared to leaving your money in a risky bank for near zero percent return, I think it is a no brainer.

After Cyprus and Greece banking collapses the world was reminded of just how unsafe banks can be. Considering how low the interest rates were in those countries anyway, lending against precious metals at SB becomes a very attractive option. Consider the trillions of dollars in bank accounts around the world, exposed to risky banks with razor thin margins of liquidity for poultry 0.25% interest, or worse still, negative interest.

I think an entire industry is about to open up.  At present the volumes are not there for institutional investors to step in but for the savvy individual investor who wants to earn 5% interest with minimal risk this is an outstanding option.

There is a fantastic opportunity for people who know about this product to educate others.  Chances are you know someone who has $20,000 or more in a CD account at a risky bank earning pitiful interest.  What would it be worth to that person to hear about this opportunity?  But think much bigger than that. The opportunity is there to do presentations both in person and online.  It can be done in every country in the world and in every language? There is a huge opportunity here and it is limited only by your imagination.

But there is also a great opportunity on the other side of the fence. We live in a time of rapid monetary expansion, and that means rising asset prices. Precious metals are a great hedge against currency devaluation and as you know I recommend holding as much as you can.  But if you can borrow against it at 5% and then purchase real estate or other investments for example that are returning more than that in capital and cash flow appreciation combined, then why wouldn’t you?

In fact there are a number of government guaranteed investment products out there. In many US states there are Property tax lien sales that guarantee investors 15% returns and higher. You can buy them online from your home.   It is a simple matter of borrowing the money at 5% through SB’s peer to peer lending program and investing it in government guaranteed property tax lien sales for a profit.

You were holding the precious metals anyway.  Why not? It is an easy way to generate cash flow from your metals.

Whether you use this information for yourself or sell it to others this is really one of the most exciting products I have come across in a long time.

In this chaotic world of fiat currency, zero and negative interest rates and manipulated markets, it is a shining beacon of truth and value for both parties involved.

People in possession of the knowledge I just gave you are in a position to provide incredible value to literally hundreds of millions of people worldwide. From people with money sitting in risky banks earning no interest to every person with physical gold and silver.

How are you going to monetize your new found knowledge?

I will see you soon.

Mike Hearn Leaves Bitcoin

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A very interesting event took place this week when one of bitcoins most prominent advocates announced he had sold all of his bitcoins and thought the bitcoin experiment was coming to an end.

It was rather dramatic and the price of bitcoin plummeted by around 20%.

Mike raised a couple of important critiques in his farewell letter to the bitcoin community. Namely the decentralized consensus mechanism is broken and the flow of information to the bitcoin community is now being censored.

In this video I share my thoughts as to why he is overstating the problem and give you a round up of the issues at hand.

Peter Schiff talks about the dollar collapse with Max Wright

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Had an excellent chat with Peter at Freedom Fest recently.

His perspective is fascinating but I did not get the time to challenge him on any points as he was rushing off to the airport so I would like to point out a few things here.

1. Peter's view of the US was in the minority of most experts at Freedom Fest.  Everybody agreed that the US has some serious problems as does Europe, China and Japan. Peter was of the opinion though that the US problems are much worse than the others and the world will soon learn that.  Most others believe the US is better than most and will limp along  and possibly even prosper for the next few years yet.

2. Almost everybody at Freedom Fest agreed that precious metals was an excellent insurance policy against a worldwide financial crisis which was looking more and more likely every day.

3. I have rebutted Peters comments about bitcoin on youtube here about  a year ago.

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Enjoy the interview


PS: I was trying a new video rig and it went pear shaped.  This one is audio only. My apologies.

Real Estate Investing Introduction

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We are very pleased today to announce a new section in the Success Council members area.

I think this first video in the series is one of our best yet. We take a look into the world of Real Estate investing.

We take a look at some strategies that will work in all markets. Up down or sideways.

We talk about the potential bubble pop, and how you can profit from it. Even though we talk about some serious tax benefits to real esate investing this is suitable for you no matter what country you live in.

Be sure to let me know what you think on the comments.

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Enjoy the highlight.  :)

Bitcoin's Killer App

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Since the beginning of Bitcoin, entrepreneurs and scholars a like have searched for the killer application of this brand new technology.

In marketing terminology, a killer application (commonly shortened to killer app) is any computer program that is so necessary or desirable that it proves the core value of some larger technology, such as computer hardware, gaming console, software, a programming language, software platform, or an operating system. In other words, the killer app is the application of a tool or protocol like bitcoin that drives mainstream users in droves to using the new technology.

In this video I share with you what I think Bitcoins Killer app will be and give you an update on where t stands in development. 

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Roger Ver and Max Wright talk Bitcoin 2015

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Today we are interviewing one of the most influential men in bitcoin. A champion of both liberty and bitcoin.  He is the owner of One of Bitcoins most popular wallet providers, with nearly 3 million bitcoin wallets.

Roger is a serial investor investor in the bitcoin space and spends most of his time traveling and evangelizing bitcoin.

In todays interview we talk about some exciting developments in the bitcoin world. We get an update on the VC world and the money pouring into bitcoin. We learn a great way to use bitcoin to get 25% discounts on all purchases from Amazon and of course we talk about the bitcoin price as well.

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Which bitcoin market will explode next?

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This is a recording of the live bitcoin workshop I did just for Bitcoin Inner Circle members.

Special guest Trace Mayer gives us a great update for the world of bitcoin. We discuss the next big markets to explode in bitcoin usage, Wall Street, regulation, and much more.

Then I walk viewers through signing up for a web wallet with

During the live session I gave away $20 worth of bitcoin, so make sure you are on the next one live.

Enjoy the video

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The future of bitcoin with Nic Cary(CEO of

Members Area Highlights is the first and largest provider of bitcoin wallets in the world today.
Funded and primarily owned by roger Ver (nicknamed Bitcoin Jesus) provides a number of free tools that help all bitcoin users.
Today we talk with Blockchain CEO Nic Cary to hear the vision he has for this industry leader. What exciting things should we look for in the future?
Nic travels the word and some of the inspiring stories he shares as a result of bitcoin are amazing. His future predictions for smartphones and bitcoin's ability to penetrate the third world will get you super excited for bitcoin's future.
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Mike Hearn on the fragility of bitcoin

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Mike Hearn was at the top of his game working for Google on a high salary as a computer programmer when one day he discovered bitcoin.
Bitcoin quickly blew his mind and Mike quit his cushy job at Google to work on the bitcoin protocol. What about bitcoin demanded he work for free for 2 years on the bitcoin protocol?
Find out in this interview with one of the guys who tinkered under the hood of bitcoin as much as any other.
This interview is especially interesting because it reminds us all of the fragilty of bitcoin. Mike shares his  experience working with the core development team and outlines some major hurdles that bitcoin will need to overcome in the near future.

It was an especially good reality check for me who is well and truly drinking the bitcoin cool aid.  :)

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Benefits of accepting Bitcoin - Patrick Byrne Overstock CEO explains

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In January 2014, Patrick Byrne CEO of sent shock waves through the Bitcoin community when it became the the biggest company in the world to accept Bitcoin.
Overstock went on to receive a mountain of free press regarding their position on Bitcoin and today we catch up with Patrick to find out if the Bitcoin journey has been kind to Overstock.
Later in the interview, we find out why Patrick is so bullish on bitcoin and what role he thinks Bitcoin will play be in the future.
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Cody Wilson on Anonymity, Defense Distributed and Dark Wallet

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In this interview Cody Wilson, made famous for his 3D printable gun talks about his libertarian philosophies and how they have shaped his career.

First we discuss his experience with the US Government during his time with Defense Distributed. An organization that released a blueprint file that made it easy for anyone with a 3D printer to create an automatic gun at home in just a few hours.

Second, the significance of Silk Road and Dark Market on those living under tyranny around the world Then we move onto the importance of anonymity in a free society. This belief led Cody to join Dark Wallet. An organization which hopes to make using the bitcoin protocol more anonymous by default than it currently is.

A very thought provoking interview. It will help give you an idea of some of the different factions in the bitcoin eco-system. As you will see some are attracted to the subversive elements.

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Alan Reiner from Bitcoin Armory talks milti-sig

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CEO and Founder of Bitcoin Armory Alan Reiner joins us today to discuss some of the exciting new features Armory has on its road map.

Armory is the Gold standard of personal bitcoin security. It's free, open source,

and allows easy bitcoin spending in a secure offline environment.
If you have a large bitcoin holding, I highly recommend you place the bulk of your bitcoin in an armory offline wallet.
Here is Alan to explain why Armory  is the gold standard in bitcoin security.

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Geroge Samman

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We have a short but powerful interview for you today.  Filmed at the New York Inside Bitcoin Conference we meet George Samman from
George is working to create fully scalable advanced trading options for institutional Bitcoin investors. He discusses the hurdles that need to be overcome for Wall Street to get involved with Bitcoin and when that is likely to occur.

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April 2014 Bitcoin update

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After just attending 2 very different Bitcoin conferences we sit down with Trace Mayer again for an assessment of the Bitcoin landscape.

The first event we visited was the New York Inside Bitcoin conference. It was full of regulators, accountants, Wall Street and venture capitalist types. A Bit stiff for my enjoyment, but it certainly was exciting to get see first hand the enthusiasm from big institutional money like hedge funds and the like.

The second event was the Toronto Bitcoin conference. Lots of Libertarians and freedom lovers of the front lines of bitcoin creating new tools for our privacy and freedom.

This interview is a great round up of all those events.

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Dectralized Autonomous Companies

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Dan Larimer and Brian Page from join us today to discuss Decentralized Autonomous Companies or DAC's for short.

Currency was just the first implementation of blockchain technology.

Now companies like Bitshares are looking to push forward a brave new frontier of blockchain technology and create human-less automated companies. These companies will be open-source, transparent and trust-less... but will they be profitable?

With endless possibilities many will fail and some will be a home run. Certainly there is the potential to make a hell of a lot of money.

This video is the first step to understanding this new frontier.

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Ryan Singer from Cryptoorp talks privacy and security

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Multi-signature transactions is an important security feature for institutional and wide spread adoption of Bitcoin. As even further evidence of his genius, Satoshi Nakamoto anticipated this years ago when he originally wrote the code for bitcoin and this feature has been lying dormant in the bitcoin code.

Multi-Signature or Multi-Sig as it is known allows bitcoin wallets to require multiple private keys in order to move bitcoins.

For example, a husband and wife might each have a key and the wallet require both keys to send bitcoins.  In this example this would be a 2 of 2 wallet.

Another example might be a company wallet has 3 keys, 1 for the CEO, 1 for the CFO and one for the Accountant and the wallet requires any 2 of these 3 keys in order to send bitcoins.  This would be a 2 of 3 wallet.

The use cases for multisig is enormous. In this interview with Ryan Singer, we discover one of the very first, easy to use implementations of multisig and how you can use it to secure your funds.

Singer is Founder and CEO of CryptoCorp and his company is working hard to make the multisig feature of bitcoin available to all of us to use.

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Is America losing its power?

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Bitcoin Enthusiast and Success Council Founder, Max Wright, recently sat down with Internet Entreprenuer and inventor of the Bitcoin Exchange Bot Michael X.

This 2 hour long webinar covered topics such as the Us dollars fall from reserve currency status, Crimea, and other magor events before getting into the nitty gritty of Bitcoin.

Michael and Max take questions from the live audioence and crush a few Bitcoin misconceptions.

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Andreas Antonopoulos talks Bitcoin security

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Max recently attended the Austin Bitcoin conference where he spoke to Security expert and Bitcoin evangilist Andreas Antonopoulos.

Andreas apart from being a great guy is the Chief Security Officer (CSO) of, the worlds most popular Bitcoin wallet.

This is a great interview with invaluable tips to keep your bitcoins safe, and about the exciting things happening in the Bitcoin world in 2014. Enjoy.

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Protect your wealth from your government or else

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In a recent Bitcoin update Trace Mayer makes a very prudent point. You have no more excuses.

Protect your wealth from your government or else.

As always the full interview is available exclusively to members.

In the full interview Trace's his unique position as a seed investor of allows him to reveal an amazing uptick in new bitcoin merchants coming online. We talk about a bunch of new altcoins coming into the marketplace and non-currency applications of the blockchain technology. Also some very exciting price predictions for 2014.

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The Middle Class is Getting Slaughtered

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I recently prepared a video for our members as part of a much larger project, which I'd like to give you a sneak peak of.

The whole video details the 4 Big Red Herrings of 2012 ad 2013 which have been designed to trick you out of your money. 

Here is a short clip from Red Herring #3 - Unemployment is Going Down.

As always the full Video is available exclusively to members. Click here to find out more