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Peter Schiff talks about the dollar collapse with Max Wright

Members Area Highlights

Had an excellent chat with Peter at Freedom Fest recently.

His perspective is fascinating but I did not get the time to challenge him on any points as he was rushing off to the airport so I would like to point out a few things here.

1. Peter's view of the US was in the minority of most experts at Freedom Fest.  Everybody agreed that the US has some serious problems as does Europe, China and Japan. Peter was of the opinion though that the US problems are much worse than the others and the world will soon learn that.  Most others believe the US is better than most and will limp along  and possibly even prosper for the next few years yet.

2. Almost everybody at Freedom Fest agreed that precious metals was an excellent insurance policy against a worldwide financial crisis which was looking more and more likely every day.

3. I have rebutted Peters comments about bitcoin on youtube here about  a year ago.

Click here to join us and you can enjoy the entire interview. 

Enjoy the interview


PS: I was trying a new video rig and it went pear shaped.  This one is audio only. My apologies.